WOD – Weekend Celebrations

Thank you to everyone who came out to Earl’s this weekend. We love celebrating our community and the people in it! We hope you all had fun, we know we did.


Pause Push Presses 3 x 3 then normal Push Press 3 x 3

*pause push press requires a 3 second pause on the dip. Pause to dial in proper mechanics in the dip position. Feet flat, knees slightly pushed outward, hips stacked over the ankles, vertical torso, midline engaged, elbows in front of the bar ready to explode vertically.
*increase the weight every set.
*on standard Push press work towards a 3 RM
*post 3RM as score.


5 Rounds – 90 seconds on (work) 90 seconds off (rest) (15 min total):

9 UB Thrusters (115, 80)
11 Toes to Bar
**Max Reps oF Double Unders with the remaining time.
**Score is total Double Unders in 5 Rounds


10 minutes(5rds each)
Even: 10-12 Cal row
Odd: 10-12 Burpees

Rest 5 minutes

10 minutes(5rds each)
Even: 12-15 Cal row
Odd: 12-15 Burpees