Peak360° is not a gym; we are a community of fitness, located in the heart of South Miami, Florida. We coach our athletes individually or in energetic group classes. We utilize CrossFit as our primary training method for all of our athletes in order to achieve elite athletic performance. Our members are professional athletes, elementary students, doctors, house wives, artist, etc. and none of them use machines, treadmills, nor heart rate monitors. Instead we utilize functional movements to achieve our fitness/performance goals. We train these functional movements at high intensities with our own body weight, with barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyometrics, sleds, tires, running and any other way we can possibly think of. Our workouts at Peak are always varied, and the atmosphere is extremely positive and motivating. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and support between all of the athletes, and it is what makes each workout an experience!


Why Peak 360?

We are committed to developing champions…in life as well as in sports. We are devoted to providing our community with safe, effective, and energetic fitness programs for all ages and levels of expertise. We strive to establish a community of individuals who are fit in all aspects of the word; physically, mentally, and spiritually. We shall utilize fitness to educate, coach, and lead others towards the maximization of their potential; 360 degrees. Our aim is to instill fitness as a lifestyle not a duty, and to do the common uncommonly well. The satisfaction of our mission lies in showing people their perceived limits and fears, teaching them how to overcome them, and then celebrating their success as they surpass them!


Coaches & Staff

All of our coaches are certified by CrossFit as well as nationally and internationally accredited bodies. We are leaders in our industry and are constantly educating ourselves to provide our athletes with the best solutions.


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Peak 360 Fundamentals is the first step in the process to getting started.  All of our programs our universally scalable and for every demographic.  The movements we perform on a daily basis are organic and natural, yet complex and require a basic level of coordination.  All of our workouts that are performed in a group setting are done at very high intensities and, therefore, in order to prevent injuries and ensure effective and efficient movement we have a Fundamentals System that teaches you step-by-step the foundational movements.  During the fundamental classes you will learn proper form in the deadlift, front/back/overhead squat, press/push press/push jerk, clean, snatch, and other weightlifting movements as well as gymnastic movements. You will also come to understand how to scale the movements up or down to your current fitness level.  Lastly, and most importantly you will begin to develop more work capacity through the high intensity workouts; i.e. metabolic conditioning.

In order to maximize your learning potential we suggest that the fundamentals be done with a personal trainer in a one-on-one session.  One coach and two athletes is acceptable, and the most athletes one coach will personally train at one time is 3.  We want to keep the integrity of fundamental class and keep the learning experience as the priority. If you would like to schedule a Complimentary Introduction to Peak360, or if you have done CrossFit before and would like to do a Complimentary Fitness Assessment please contact us at info@peak360fitness.com or fill out the form below so we may schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience.




  • CrossFit was the workout I had been trying to find for a long time. I played football into college and was winding down my club lacrosse career at 33. I hated traditional gyms and the occupants of them. I read about outdoor workouts, using the assorted equipment at local parks, throwing tractor tires, etc. Who knew thinking outside the box would get you into one?My wife heard about Peak360, did some research and showed up. I quickly followed. It was a little daunting at first seeing women heaving weights around that I wouldn’t have. To walk in on a day when class is doing snatches is deafening and slightly scary. The coaches are eager to help you get into form, so that you can properly execute lifts, engaging most muscles in your body and quickly increasing your max. These aren’t your normal gym trainers, they take the time to get to know your name, help you before or after class, and motivate you during the workout, no yelling (unless you want them to). The only one yelling is the monster inside you, you won’t have the energy to make the noise yourself.When I started routinely coming to class, I was definitely overweight for where I wanted to be. I started shedding weight almost immediately and went religiously for 3-4 months 3-4 times/week. I had dropped 20 pounds, went from a comfy 38 to a regular 34, and flirted with Medium shirts, down from XL. An old injury reared its ugly head and kept me out of the box for almost a year. I’ve been back a little over a month and I’m definitely making gains. You can’t get this level of exercise on your own. I wish that this would’ve been around when I was in high school and college. I believe it would’ve helped me be a better athlete, improving my power, agility, speed and endurance at a time when the competition is an actual opponent rather than that chubby guy in the mirror. Currently I’m 215 lbs; My next goal: 200 lbs (or less), and marathon ready. Here’s to the sweat makers!- Tom Zampieri
  • Peak 360 CrossFitPeak 360 CrossFit
    I think my transformation really started when I heard those words from my cardiologist, “I am sorry Justin but we can’t put this off any longer you need that pacemaker.”You see I have had a problem with the electronics of my heart that tell it to beat. My resting heart rate was around 30 beats a minute and at night when I slept it would drop as low as 15 beats a minute. I had been able to live with 2nd Degree AV Block for years and the last year with 3rd degree AV Block. It’s when the signal that tells your heart to beat doesn’t get through to tell it to beat properly.My eyes started to water up and I got sick to my stomach. I thought, I am too young for this. By this time, I was 285 lbs. And I was taking High Blood Pressure pills, High Cholesterol pills, Thyroid Medication. It was time to get to work. I will never forget that walk out of the doctor’s office that afternoon feeling so determined not take for granted my health again. I need to get back in shape and I immediately started planning what I needed to do. I told the doctor, “Lets get this thing done right away,” so I could recover and get to work on losing the weight that I’ve put on in the last 13 years.After my recovery from surgery, my wife told me about the Crossfit Box (Peak 360) that some of our friends went to just moved down the street. We were both intimidated by it but we went to check it out. After seeing the first class I was like this is exactly what I was looking for.Before Peak, I would go to the gym and lift weights and do very little cardio. I had been going to boot camp for about a year and even had a personal trainer for over two years but I saw very little results in my weight loss. But this Crossfit was going to fulfill all my needs.Everyone was so nice even the other members. It was like a family and everyone seemed to want to motivate each other.After a few weeks I will never forget something Guido said to me. He came up to me after a work out and asked me how old I was. Then he said “Justin there is no reason why you can’t be in the best shape of you life right now”. I thought, Yeah!……..Why not!? That same month I started, there was a Transformation Challenge going on at the box—exactly what I needed.Coach Virginia put me on a diet and the first few weeks, I was shocked when she told me, “You’re not eating enough!” She said “Trust me, and you will lose the weight” She gave me another diet and the pounds started to fall off. I was shocked.I really pushed myself during the classes only slowing down when I felt like I was going to throw up. I often finished last but I didn’t care.To date, I’ve lost over 84 lbs. and weigh 205 lbs., from almost 35% body fat to just over 12%. From struggling to run a warm up lap to running my first 5K. From hardly being able to do a Pull-Up, to being able to do Muscle-ups. And I just competed in my first RX competition. And no more medication! Even my doctor joined after seeing my results.My father recently passed away at 66. I told him about Crossfit but I hadn’t really shared with him my results and how much weight I had lost because I wanted him to see me in person and share with him all that I had accomplished. But I never got that chance. I got a call from my brother that my father was in the hospital and in bad shape. I flew up right away to see him but I didn’t make it in time. He didn’t have to die. But my father died from complications do to a very unhealthy life style. He was overweight and ate everything you shouldn’t. If he had taken care of himself he would have been alive today. My transformation now means so much more to me after I saw the pain in my mom’s eyes when she lost her husband. It made me think of my situation and my wife Suzell.A special thanks to my beautiful wife who supported me the whole way and slaved cooking for me. Without her this would had never happened. Thank you all the Peak 360 staff and everyone who yelled my name in encouragement when I was struggling through a WOD helped me get where I am today! Things do happen in life that we have no control over, but there are somethings that we can.- Justin Hopman
  • Peak 360 CrossFitOver the past four years I’ve lost a total of 44 pounds. I started by cutting out fast food, desserts, and soda, and walking a few miles a day. I then plateaued and wasn’t losing any more weight so I decided to join a gym, but quickly plateaued again. I felt lost and discouraged, wandering around the gym deciding what I could possibly do next. And I couldn’t pay thousands of dollars for a personal trainer. Then I was introduced to CrossFit… and it changed me forever.When I walked through the doors at Peak 360, the first thing that popped into my head was Woah, everyone here is really, REALLY fit! And NOT skinny, like, FIT! I was reluctant at first, never before hearing about CrossFit, but I was beyond impressed by the friendly, family-like atmosphere and constant encouragement. Since joining Peak I’ve lost 11 % body fat and continue to put on muscle mass till this day. CrossFit has absolutely changed the way I feel about my body. I have learned what real health is and what good, realistic body image is. Never being involved in sports growing up, Peak 360 has brought out in me what I am really capable of physically and I never would have imagined that I could be athletic!I have to thank Guido for his no-mercy training (and I he taught me butterfly pull ups!), Virginia for her nutrition advice and motivation, my husband Simon, and my awesome team mates Carla for always pushing me hard, Alyson and Melissa (you guys had KIDS and are STILL amazing, I have no excuse!), as well as the rest of my Peak family.
    -Missy Cossio-Rivero
  • Peak 360 CrossfitPeak 360 Crossfit“I started Bootcamp over a year ago and later graduated into taking part of the Crossfit classes. Coming from a culture where exercise is not encouraged and strong women are seen as masculine, it never occurred to me that I could lift anything heavy over my head, but still decided to give it a try. From the first day, I was hooked. Less than a year after my first CrossFit workout, I am doing most of the WODs as prescribed (RX) and have broken personal records countless times—not bad considering I couldn’t run the warm-up lap on my first day. I have gotten stronger and definitely more confident. I only regret not having done this sooner in life. Each and every day, I look forward to coming to Peak 360. It is the best part of my day.”

    – Cindy Rodriguez

  • “Peak 360 in simple terms has given me a new life at the young age of 60 years. I did not look like all the others who worked out. I was very overweight and very fearful of exercising. Virginia took me under her wing and little by little helped me to help myself. I will never forget her love and compassion. “yes Chip you can do this.” My fears were trying to keep up with the kids and do the type of workouts they did. Guido’s gentle “pat on the back”,his needed hugs would spur me on. What I couldn’t do was adapted to what I could do. Over some months now Peak has become a family of sorts. For me this is the coolest thing about cross fit. I know so many people all of whom push me on when I feel like I cant do the workout. I feel so at home now. I always go a little early and stay a little late. The feeling of fear still comes on the drive to workout, but the feeling and joy of a completed wod is hardly explainable. I am in better shape now than I have been over the last 25 years. Oh yea I lost close to 50 lbs. I owe Peak my daughter Katie ,Virginia, Guido and ALL of my friends a great deal of gratitude. Thanks for a new life.”- Edward “Chip” Corlett
  • Erwin Bastian before
    I would like to take this time to thank you for what you’ve done for me and my health. Over the past year and a half I’ve pushed myself to limits I didn’t think I was capable to attain. I’ve become stronger, healthier, and better disciplined in both the gym and my family life. I’ve made a complete change both physically and mentally. I would recommend Peak 360 to anyone that wants to take the next step to a healthier life. I really love Peak for the family like qualities and camaraderie that’s portrayed in a day-to-day basis. I look forward to spend many more years next to everyone at the Peak family.

    – Erwin Bastian


  • Peak 360 CrossfitPeak 360 CrossfitMy story begins back in the spring of 2009. I was 24 and my 25th birthday was approaching. AJ Chin, my best friend’s cousin introduced me to CrossFit. The last time I saw him he was overweight. He now looked like a different person – he was lean, cut up, athletic and not the chubby kid I remembered. He invited me and my best friend, Melissa Simmons, to come try this awesome bootcamp / CrossFit gym. So we went…..and have been hooked ever since. Our first day was hell. I could not even run the entire warm up lap or even do a proper squat when I first started in 2009. In February of 2012 I placed 16th out of 95 in my age group at the Spartan race in my heat. Before that I competed in my first CrossFit competition, Wodapalooza, and placed 9th in the scaled division. While training for Wodapalooza I PR’d with a 6:40 one mile run. My CrossFit story has two dimensions – physical progress and self development. The physical improvement is a perk and, yes, you feel great when you discover you finally have a couple of kipping pull-ups, rope climbs, and dubs. Even though my progress has been stellar and I can identify myself as an athlete, I think of CrossFit as more than just an exercise methodology, it is so much more than that. CrossFit has transformed my life in many ways. First of all I learned to believe in myself and that I could accomplish anything that I trained for, and put my mind towards. I also learned to be comfortable with my body. I learned that there is a world of activities that require fitness and more to life than socializing over food and alcohol. CrossFit opened my eyes to a new world. Not only has CrossFit shown me a new world but it has come with a support group of friends and coaches who genuinely care for me. This was demonstrated last year when I went through a heartbreak. My world had been turned upside down and I felt awful, but my CrossFit family was there for me. They were the constant that didn’t change during that difficult time in my life. I had stability in my gym and my friends. Peak is a place where I know I can and be my goofy self, make mistakes, fix them, and a place I will always have a support system. Whenever I face hard times I always think of my coaches and their saying “dig deep to find that inner strength” whether it be one more rep before the time runs out or a challenging life situation. Whether I go to my box or not, I apply CrossFit to my life daily.- Christine Hawk
  • Peak 360 CrossFitPeak 360 CrossfitI joined the Peak360 family on January 15, 2012. If on that day you had told me then that I’d lose 30 pounds in 4 months, I would have told you, There’s no way! But sure enough, today I can tell you I’m in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life, doing things that I NEVER thought I was capable of, and still getting stronger every single day. But what makes this place special is not all of these accomplishments of mine. It’s the people. From the moment I first set foot in the gym, I was greeted with smiles and warmth. Guido and all the coaches have an amazing ability of making each person feel special and important, making me actually WANT to come and get my butt kicked every day! I truly cannot say enough great things about this place – I absolutely love it!

    – Lynley Ciorobea

  • Peak 360 CrossfitThis August marks my 3yr Anniversary of stepping into a “box” & becoming a self proclaimed “CrossFit Addict”, little did I know then how much this sport/lifestyle would transform me from what I was, into who I am today & the person I am still evolving into. Thanks to A.J. For introducing me to Guido & the entire Peak360 Family, I call you family because that is what you are & have become to me. Christine & Simmy for pushing & pulling me through WODs, when I could barley make the warm up lap around the old “box”. The entire Peak family for believing in me when at times I barely believed in myself, and for seeing the strength in me when I could not yet recognize what was laying dormant in me all along. Thank you, does not suffice the gratitude I feel and what you have helped me accomplish, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and on some levels spiritually. I have prayed to God through many WOD’s begging to let me finish what I started. The praying evolved into cursing and the cursing into eventually finding my “Warrior Cry”. I would have never imagined myself competing but I did this past month and it was exhilarating and satisfying all at the same time it’s an indescribable high. Thank you, Guido for providing me with a sanctuary, where I can relieve my stress, and leave the world at the door. I know everyday when I walk into our box and I hear the timer sound with a 10 second count down. It is me against myself, pushing be better and stronger than I was the day before. I have no idea how the mind of a genius works, but I am pretty sure you have one! 3 years in and I still feel as sore as the day I started, no matter how easy I may think the WOD look’s on the board. I look forward to the daily e-mail at 7:00 am for the WOD and prepare for the soreness that is sure to follow. Funny, but I still to this day get butterflies as I drive to the box, it never fails. Thank you for giving me the courage to change my life for the better and giving me the opportunity to create the healthiest life possible for myself and family. Thank you for believing in me when I barley believed in myself, for pushing me to be the best that I can be and teaching me what a little hard work and determination can get me.To everyone I have met at Peak old and new, a heartfelt Thank You! for being you and encouraging me to give it my all everyday when I walk in the door.

    Forever Grateful, CrossFit Addict for Life, Melissa Simmons


Peak 360 Crossfit


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