Noah Ohlsen

Noah OhlsenMeet Noah! A 23 year old, graduate from UM with a Master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning. Not only is Noah one of the top competitors in the South East Region and the world, but an incredible coach that has been part of the staff since 2011.

What are your goals?

My goal is to win the CrossFit Games and to spread our sport to the masses.

If you were to be a superhero who would you be?

If I were a superhero I’d be Flash, so my Fran time would be 00:02. I’m inspired by my family. I want to have what we have now when I reach my parents age.

Words of advice for new members at Peak?

My best advice to a new member is “stick with it”. It’s tough at first, as it should be. But you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to see change.

Certifications & Positions

  • – Performance Coach
  • – CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • – CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
  • – CrossFit Defense Certified



by Peak360° CrossFit / 07.12.2015

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