WOD – With a Purpose

Each workout serves a unique purpose or goal to help make us better athletes! Whether you complete a workout as Rx, Intermediate or Novice – make sure it is to the best of your ability. You guys are so amazing as a community and athletes and we love to see you constantly challenging and improving. Let’s make some specific 2018 goals and crush them!

Today’s focus: 80% Aerobic work, while building muscle stamina in the upper body ‘push’. Developing the skill of HSPU…should be able to do 15 UB HSPU to complete this workout Rx; scale according to skill


10 minutes:
Kipping HSPUS – into 3 groups: each group has a different focus

Group 1: 0-5 HSPUS (get upside-down and vertical, dial in the decent, choose proper scaledown)

Group 2: 6-12 UB Kipping HSPUs (dial in the decent, develop a deep kip, minimize arch when pressing)

Group 3: 15+ UB Kipping HSPUs (cycling the kip, maintaining hollow position)


15 minute AMRAP:

200 meter run
15 Wallballs
10 HSPUs
200 meter run
15 WB
15 HSPUs
**keep increasing HSPUs by 5 reps every round until time is up**

**post total rounds and reps…run is ‘200’ reps**


Teams of 2:

30 Strict TTB
40 Burpees over the weighted plank (45, 25)
50 TTB as 1 person holds hanging knee tuck

**share all reps**
**15 minute cap**

by Peak360° CrossFit / 02.12.2018

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