WOD – Open Speculation

What are we all expecting to see for the third week of the 2018 CrossFit Open? Who is voting more Dumbell work and who wants to see more barbell? As always, we will be streaming the announcement Thursday evening – watch with us! Soon we will be over the halfway point. Prepare for the unknown!


Wallballs & C2B Pull-ups


On a 20 min clock:
Karen for time: 150 Wallballs….with the remaining time perform….
Max rounds of:
6 Deadlifts (245, 165)
9 Pull-ups
12 Push-ups

**two scores A) time for 150 wallballs “Karen” B) the rounds plus reps with remaining balance of 20 min**


*Fitness: 20 min clock: 100 Wallballs…max rounds of 6 Deadlifts (185, 135); 9 jumping or banded pull-ups; 12 push-ups (knees if needed)

*Performance: As Rx above

*Complete: same as above with Deadlifts at (275, 185), C2B pull-ups and HSPU


10 min AMRAP – Teams of 2:

P1) 100 m Farmer Carry
P2) Max L-sit Hold or DB‘s OH Hold – while partner is performing the farmer carry, must not rest, only hold
While the other partner Farmer Carrie 100 m, upon his / her arrival THEY CAN SWITCH

by Peak360° CrossFit / 03.07.2018

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