WOD – It’s No Secret – Keys to Improvement


We have another re-test day today and we cannot wait to cheer you all on as you crush some goals. DT yesterday was beyond awesome and we love seeing everyone set some new PRs and awesome times! After 6 weeks of brutal training we are proud to see all that you have accomplished with only more to come. What is the secret…there is none! Just hard work, dedication, and consistency. You guys are the proof!

A) 1 Mile Time Trial

Complete for time:
1 Mile Run (1,600 meters)
*10 min time cap
*Start part below (TTB and AMRAP), 6 minutes after time cap

B) TTB Unbroken Set

12 min Window:

*1 Set as Many Reps Unbroken as possible of:
Toes to Bar

// Fitness: Knees to Midline
// Performance & Compete Rx: Toes to Bar

@ minute 4 begin C

C) 8 Min AMRAP

16 Wallballs
16 Mixed DB Walking Lunges (1 arm OH 1 Arm Hanging)

// Fitness: WB (16, 10) DB (35, 20’s)

// Performance & Compete Rx: WB (20, 14) DB (50, 35’s)

by Peak360° CrossFit / 12.04.2018

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