WOD – Last Week of Kids Camp

Reminder that this is the last week of our Kid’s Summer Camp! But don’t be bummed out – our regular Tuesday and Thursday kid’s class will continue on during the school year. So get ready and get signed up ASAP!

A) Peaks and Valleys

24 min clock:
5 Minutes of each movement
1 minute of rest between each movement
Intention: is to increase the intensity level every minute until we get to a peak, then slowly come down
Min 1 – 50% effort
Min 2 – 70%
Min 3 – 90%
Min 4 – 70%
Min 5 – 50%

DB Snatches
Burpees Box Jumps
DB Clean Complex (DL, HPC, Front Sq, S2OH)
Battle Ropes

**Intensity Level can be increased by moving faster as well as increasing weight, or level of difficulty of the movement (height on box)


Box Breathing – 7 min
3-5 seconds at each point of the breathe
Inhale-inhale hold-exhale-exhale hold

**during breathe engage in the state of gratitude – each breathe flow through one thing you choose to be grateful for. Let it fill you in the way that oxygen fills you, and flow out of you unto those you do life with.

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.09.2018

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