WOD – In-House Competition!


Join us Saturday, September 29th and take on 3 awesome WODS, with 3 of your favorite WOD partners.
The cost is $30/person, all proceeds will be matched by us by 300% to improve our space and equipment!
Co-ed teams of 4 (👬2 male👭2 female)

Winners will receive prize bags with awesome gifts (& bragging rights!)
Athlete briefing will start at 8:00AM
First heat will begin at 8:30AM

1️⃣This competition is FOR EVERYONE! If you take our classes, you are more than ready to do this! We promise.
2️⃣You work hard everyday, time to show it off!
3️⃣Build a stronger community, have fun, and get to know what it feels like to compete.
4️⃣We believe in you, and want the opportunity to cheer you on while you destroy these 3 WODS!

**WODs release on Friday night**


Complete for time:

3 Rounds of
15 KB Swing
200 meter Run
*7 min cap
– rest exactly 3 min then

3 Rounds of
15 Toes to Bar
250 meter Row
*18 min time cap

**SCORES = 1 score (total time)
**REST exactly 3 minutes between the 3 round sections

// Fitness: KB (55, 35), K2E
// Performance Rx: 20 KB (70, 55), & 20 T2B
// Compete Rx +: 20 KB (70, 55), & 20 T2B
**should be able to go unbroken at least 2 our if 3 Rounds


12 minute EMOM:
4 Rounds:
Min 1: 1-3 Legless Rope Climbs
Min 2: 8/8 DB KB Step-ups
Min 3: 8-12 Strict Ring Dips

by Peak360° CrossFit / 09.11.2018

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