WOD – Is Gluten Free Right for You?


Just another reminder that tomorrow is going to be an awesome nutrition seminar! Join Liza and Erik this Saturday November 10th at 10:30AM. Come get your sweat on and then relax and learn. They will be talking about gluten and how to know if going gluten free is right for you. This is something we see a lot in the media so it is always best to educate ourselves on what is right for our bodies. Hope to see you there!


Deficit Deadlifts
1 x 4,4,3,3,3

*increase the weight every set, working up to a heavy set of 3, not a 3RM
*drop the weight from the top of each rep
*double overhand grip
**set the deficit standing on a platform that is at least 6 inches above the ground
**rest 90-120 sec

*10 min cap


Rack Deadlifts
3 x 3
*much heavier than the Deficit from a squat rack that sets the bar at knee height
*increase the weight every set
*double overhand grip
*heavier than last week
*rest 90-120 sec

*6 min cap


10 Rope Climbs
20 Squat Cleans
30 Burpee Box Jumps

// Fitness: RC (ft on box / as high as possible) SC (115, 85) BBJ (24, 20)

// Performance Rx: RC (10 standard) SC (135, 95) BBJ (24, 20)

// Compete Rx +: RC (5 legless + 5 standard) SC (155, 105) BBJ (30, 24)

by Peak360° CrossFit / 11.08.2018

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