WOD – Get Gymnasty!

TOMORROW!! This Saturday at 10:30 AM! Join Coach Ali and Peter for an Open Clinic! The focus will be “Gymnastics in the Open” which will include HSPUs, TTB, Pull-ups and Muscle-ups! There will also be two others at future dates (Feb. 15th and 22nd) on Barbell Cycling and General Open Prep! There are sign up sheets in the front – so get ready!


OH Squat 5 x 4

*start heavy, finish heavier
*build up to a heavy set of 4, not a 4 rep max

B) WOD OPEN 14.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

From 0:00-3:00
2 rounds of:
10 overhead squats (95, 65)
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 3:00-6:00
2 rounds of:
12 overhead squats (95, 65)
12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 6:00-9:00
2 rounds of:
14 overhead squats (95, 65)
14 chest-to-bar pull-ups

**Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds**

by Peak360° CrossFit / 02.09.2018

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