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Join us next Friday Dec 15th for our Faith Rxd Naughty or Nice event. All you have to do is bring a gift to donate to The Kevin Garcia Foundation and we will be doing a special “Naughty or Nice” WOD followed by a Holiday Social with food, drinks, music and fun for the whole family.

Also…We are excited to bring to you the first opportunity to unite Faith and Fitness at Peak360. This Friday at 7:30PM we will be hosting the first inaugural Faith Rx’d Chapter MEETING. These gatherings are open to all and include a workout and devotional time designed to help you grow physically and spiritually. DEC 8, 2017 FRIDAY 7:30-9:15PM.


Bar Muscle Up


Snatch Clusters: 3 Power Snatches (touch and go) x 3 sets // complete 1 set every 30 seconds
Rest 90 seconds begin a new Round at a heavier weight x repeat for 4 total rounds
***Weight increases
***recap (4 Rounds of 3 sets of 3 touch and go snatches – each set starts every 30 seconds – after the 3rd set rest 90 seconds and increase the weight for next round) – each round with rest is 3 minutes = 12 minutes total
***post heaviest round


Complete for time:

30-20-10 Deadlift (185, 135)
9-6-3 Bar Muscle-ups
800-600-400 meter Run

**Rx + DL weight (225, 155) / Bar Muscle-up 12-9-6
**scale down – jumping bar muscle-ups or Inverted Pull-ups + Push-ups //double the reps
**time cap 18

by Peak360° CrossFit / 12.06.2017

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