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This weekend we will be hosting the 360 Strength To Be(nefit)!

We’re creating an experience to bring all our CrossFitting dudes together to sweat, laugh and celebrate. Strength To Be is about encouraging men to show up in the world exactly as they are: to stand tall in both their inner and outer strength. As a part of your 360 strength inside and out, we’ll be donating your ticket purchases to Nico’s Promise, a non-profit that is near and dear to the Pizzaro’s from the #PeakFam. Nico’s Promise provides ongoing support to parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members who have suffered the loss of a loved one at Nicklaus Children’s.

The day will start with a team workout with legacy Ambassador Guido Trinidad and Coach James Keeler. As you spend a morning crushing a WOD that will take you to the limit, we’ll then wrap up with a gratitude lunch and conversation starters with your fellow box mates. We’ll take care of lunch and drinks, so come ready to sweat and finish with a good connect. There might just be a surprise from us at Lululemon for you too!


8 min each stations: (no rest between stations)

**Rest as needed in between exercises within a station
**Goal is 3 Rounds per station
**Agility station on TURF, goal is to have no more than 2 people per agility drill at once (drills last approx 5-10 seconds)
**videos on links below
Pro agility https://youtu.be/qYDXaXRodWc
60 yard shuttle https://youtu.be/kRP84RwIv6Q
Ski Jumps https://youtu.be/up-62Sn25bs

A) Agility Station:
(1) 60 yard SHUTTLE RUN

B) Barbell Station:
12 Good Mornings (choose weight)
12 Floor Presses (choose weight) (Like a bench press) laying on ground
12 Barbell Squat Jumps (95, 65)

C) Midline Station:
15 Rower Pike
15 V-sit-ups (2 second eccentric)
1 min Weighted Plank


Coach-led COOLDOWN

by Peak360° CrossFit / 06.13.2018

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