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Happy Monday team! Being that we dodged Mr. Hurricane Isaias I am hoping we are all safe and enjoyed ourselves with some time to connect with either family, friends, outdoors, or all of the above.

I guess movie trailers are a popular thing for a reason. It seems as if last week’s sneak peek at our week of training was a hit. Hopefully this preview gets you more excited to have your fittest week yet!

Our training and lifestyle will encompass our Body, Fuel, Mind, and some info to help guide those decisions and stay encouraged!



WE WILL TRAIN our BODY like this

  • MONDAY’S focus is a 2 part workout
    • #1 Building Strength both lower and upper body, mixing push and pull movements
    • #2 Train our Aerobic & Anaerobic Capacity Conditioning as well as some Muscle Stamina by using Interval training to help keep the intensity high and hang on to object(s) for high reps. 


  • TUESDAY we go LONG!
    • “3 of a Kind” is back with a version 2.0 – our last one was 3 benchmark workouts that included Annie, Helen, and Grace back to back to back. This will do the same, but with a different set of Benchmark workouts.
    • Longer workout that tests Aerobic CV Conditioning, Muscle Stamina, High Skill, & Mental toughness
    • All movement patterns will be covered as well as energy systems and the ability to play with some higher skill movement


  • WEDNESDAY is a 2 part workout that gives the barbell a break
    • First think Tempo Strength both Lower & Midline
    • Then a Classic triplett format that will challenge us in our Aerobic Capacity, OH Mobility and Strength, as well as our Muscle Stamina, low skills will help us keep pushing on the final round 


  • THURSDAY will bring us an option to FLOW or Go Hard with a chipper style training session
    • A Blend of movements that can help us Restore our body if it needs it or Go hard if our body yearns for it
    • Develop Muscle Stamina, and blend low and high intensity CV Conditioning 
    • Restorative body movements with KB’s, midline activation and monostructural focused


  • FRIDAY finishes the week just how we like it – brutal”
    • Part 1 focuses on Power Development and Skill Development  with some touches at the barbell for some oly complex and an opportunity to play heavy 
    • Part 2 is a Grit test that makes high skill gymnastics and heavy barbells that will force you to be extra sure you can hit the weight before you pick it up. Strategy is always fun, that’s what Friday’s should be about….fun! 


FUEL like this

By Reading the Label on your food.

If it’s going in your body, you want to know EXACTLY what it is, where it came from, and how it may affect you.

Food companies exist to turn a profit. They will tell you what you want to hear (Low Carb, Gluten free, Sugar Free,  All Natural, Whole Grains, Fat Free, Organic, Vegan, etc.) on the front of the box to get you to purchase it. 

Turning the box around empowers you to make better choices. What to look for?

  • Ingredients first: What is the first ingredient on the label? In the order in which they are listed is what it contains the most of. If you can’t pronounce it do you really want to eat it? Do you know where it comes from, is it made in a lab, or picked from the ground? Just 100% potatoes…what are they cooked in matters just as much. The animal’s diet; yup that becomes your diet as well. Hence, the reason for purchasing animal products is that they eat natural foods and do not feed any hormones. 
  • Macros Next: Just how much Protein, Carbs, and fat is in a serving
  • Sugar: aka; edible crack….please look for this, even if you are going to eat ice cream; knowing how much sugar is in a serving should help us decide which ice cream brand to purchase and hopefully help us resist the urge to go for seconds!

The Challenge – this week, for every single thing you eat – read the label; Ingredients and nutritional facts.

Bulletproof your challenge and make sure you know How to Read a Nutritional Label without Getting Tricked!



Our Growth Word of the Week is LISTENING

Listening, a life skill that the wisest men and women have learned to cultivate.

Listening is simple, but not always easy. It requires character to truly and actively listen. Character traits like humility, compassion, patience, and self-control all are exhibited and developed through listening. 

This week, let’s all lean in, and listen in on how we can grow as better listeners; believing that it will help us become more fit in mind and spirit. .


  • OPEN-GYM: will be 1 hour time slots to complete the Peak workout of the day or additional accessory work at the following hours. 12:30-1:30, 1:30-2:30, 2:30-3:30
      • Some Ground rules:
        • Must Reserve as it were a class
        • Check-in and out with Coach upon arrival and dismissal
        • Must stay in their box during the workout session and follow our COVID-19 Safety Protocols, to include mask wearing, hand washing, physical distancing, and sanitizing equipment. 
        • Pick-up equipment, sanitize equipment and box space, check-out with coach
  • PERSONALIZED COACHING: personal coach that will guide you and hold you accountable during these challenging times. Provide workouts scaled accordingly to your needs.
  • PEAK PROGRAMS: All-access to all 4 of our weekly training programs. CrossFIt, Sweat360, Build360, Peak @ Home (no-equipment)
  • NUTRITION COACHING: receive guidance and accountability from our certified Nutrition Coaches on what quality foods, how much, and when.
  • PEAK @ HOME WORKOUTS: train at home option without any equipment available, on SugarWOD now


Life is tough, but we are tougher. Lets Train, Fuel, and Recover like our lives depend on it, because it does.

Lets do it…..together!

Seize the day family!


Guido Trinidad

Peak 360 Fitness

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong. Stay UNITED


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