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We build Powerful, Explosive, and Fearless Athletes

Our Sports Performance Program is geared towards athletes whose desire is to maximize their performance in a “specific sport.” We train, young athletes, amateurs, as well as professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA, ATP, and IRONMAN. We develop athletes for optimal performance for specific competitions, events, or a season. These athletes typically train in private 1-on-1, or small group sessions. At the heart of our SP program is a CrossFit foundation. Everything we do is functional, constantly varied, and always intense. The 10 qualities of Fitness will emphasized in this program; however depending on the sport and the individuals strengths and weaknesses of the athlete a stronger focus will be placed on some of the following: Absolute Strength, Core Stabilization, Explosive Power, Agility, Bio Mechanics of Running, Cardio Vascular Endurance, Flexibility, Mental Toughness, and Regeneration. In addition we utilize CrossFit Metabolic Conditioning WODS (Workout of the Day) as an additional tool to achieve Peak performance; its’ our secret weapon! Lastly, Peak360 SP Coaches are elite athletes who train athletes; therefore we know what it takes to be reach optimum performance: Hard Work, Positive Attitude, and a Burning Desire to be the best.


NFL Combine Prep

This is an 8 week program for NFL prospects only. This program evaluates the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses as a football player as well as his testing ability for the NFL combine and/or his Pro Day. Throughout the day the athlete will be either training or recovering; but always doing something to make improvements in his performance. The program is designed to have the athlete standout on his Proday. Strength and Flexibility are the two main components that will assist the athlete in making major improvements in the test he will perform. All test; especially the Speed and Agility test require a high level of technique to make significant improvements. Our team of expert Strength and Speed Coaches work on fine-tuning these elite athletes to maximize their potential in these combine test.


Elite Private Group Training

This program is for the professional athlete in any sport. The professional athletes typically train in a small group setting with anywhere from 2 – 10 athletes of their same sport. The movements that are performed in this program are all movements that will enhance the athlete’s performance; all of them functional, compound, multi-joint, and movements that work the body from the core to the extremities. There is a strong emphasis placed on the Bio-Mechanics of Running and jumping, as well as coordination and agility drills. There are a few aspects of this training program that will give the athlete an edge on his/her competition; and the metabolic conditioning phase is definitely one of them. Every training session has a short yet extremely high intense portion to it. This is where the athlete breaks barriers, exceeds mental limitations, and becomes the athlete they envision they can be. Every aspect of their performance will be pushed to its threshold; from strength, to stamina, to coordination, to speed, and especially their mental toughness.


Young Athletes Sports Performance

The Teen program is for middle school and/or high school athlete builds the foundation of fitness for years to come. This is a crucial time for the athlete as he/she is developing the skills that will assist them in their sport for the rest of their life. We work on all the qualities of fitness that the Crossfit method presents. We introduce them to fitness by focusing on the following major aspects of fitness that are the foundation to building a complete and explosive athlete: Strength, Spatial/Body Awareness/Coordination, and Cardio Vascular Endurance. The Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Balance, Accuracy, Stamina, and Power all will naturally be developed. Most importantly we educate the athlete on how to be a champion offs the field first; where it counts most. Life skills training are at the core of who we are and we believe acquiring these skills is imperative to the athlete’s success in life. Integrity, Commitment, Industriousness, Positive Attitude, Unselfishness, and Sacrifice are the cornerstones of this program. In this program the teen will be pushed to maximize his/her potential in every aspect of life; and will be constantly rewarded by their own self-satisfaction.


Team Sports Training

The Team Sports Performance Program is specifically for high schools team or clubs. Our role in this program is twofold; Sports Performance Consultant and Strength and Conditioning Coach. This program is tailored for a specific sport and guides the team in all facets of training; from off-season, pre-season, and in-season. Our Performance Coach meets with the Athletic Director and/or the Head Coach in order to fully assess the strengths and weakness of the team in order to develop a program for the team. All 10 qualities of fitness are included in this program; nothing is left uncovered. With this well rounded and custom tailored program the team will be stronger, faster, more explosive, and most importantly more confident and united. The athlete will receive top-notch training either at their school or at the Peak360 training facility. Our Performance Coaches are experts in our field and we believe that we have the tools to take any team in any sport to the next level; both physically and mentally.



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