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Happy Monday to us all. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend full of health, some Miami sun, and good times.

This is the first email of its kind. You can look forward to it on Monday’s – to help “warm you up” by giving you some insight and motivation into what your training and lifestyle will entail in the upcoming week @ Peak. 

We will close with any important updates or information regarding our community membership, schedule, events, or the like.

While it’s great to look back on where you were a few months ago, let’s shift our focus on what lies ahead.


THIS WEEK AT PEAK – 7.17.2020

WE WILL TRAIN our BODY like this


  • MONDAY’S focus is a 2 part workout


    • #1 Build Power & Strength with a heavy Clean Complex
    • #2 Build some Aerobic Capacity Conditioning by mixing in some Monostructural element & explosive DB Movements – Pull & Push Full Body


  • TUESDAY  is going to be a GRINDER


    • Longer workout that tests Aerobic CV Conditioning, Muscle Stamina, & Mental toughness
    • All movement patterns will be covered as well energy systems – and the ability to play with some higher skill movement


  • WEDNESDAY  is a 2 part Workout – but your focus will probably be on Unbroken EMOM ….again


    • Develop Anaerobic Capacity – HIGH level of intensity due to interval style training
    • Think Gymnastics, some BB Cycling, testing your grit and grip


  • THURSDAY will bring us a FLOW style training session


    • Develop Muscle Stamina, Mobility, and low intensity CV Conditioning 
    • Restorative body movements with KB’s, midline activation and monostructural focused


  • FRIDAY will serve up our final iteration of “TRIFECTA”


    • Developing Aerobic Capacity, Stamina, Strength, gymnastic skills, and provide an opportunity to get your last chance at a 1RM Thruster again 


FUEL like this


“Furthermore, low vitamin D level was associated with the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19 infection.”

  • Researchers at Leumit Health Care Services and Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine

Any nutritional Challenge should be focused on self-experimentation to help elevate our performance and overall health. Right now is the time to double-down on our nutrition – especially eat foods that have the necessary vitamins and minerals that will supercharge our Immune systems. 

Read this article on VITAMIN D and it’s effects on COVID-19 and challenge yourself to take in more of what is thought to be the most beneficial Vitamin to help us FIGHT Covid-19. 



Our Growth Word of the Week is CALM

Calm is an adjective, it’s a quality that we express, and most important to display in the midst of chaos or disorder. Calm is the ability to not show or feel nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.

Calm is a quality and a state of mind and can be learned and developed through training specific habits 

Explore with us this week on the benefits of becoming more CALM. A more calm version of ourselves looks like more confident, grounded, resilient, and menatlly fit. Let’s grow in our ability to be calm.



As a community we are ONE, always have and always will be; even if that means some of us are staying at home during this pandemic. As a staff we are doing our part to keep our training environment safe, sanitized, and energized with good vibes. 

However for those who are not ready to come back yet, we want to ensure that we are providing you with options that will continue to help you stay motivated, engaged, and improve your health. Check out some new membership options below for those who are not ready to come back yet. Please contact us for details and pricing


NEW MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS – please contact us for details

    • PERSONALIZED COACHING: personal coach that will guide you and hold you accountable during these challenging times. Provide workouts scaled accordingly to your needs.
    • PEAK PROGRAMS: All-access to all 4 of our weekly training programs. CrossFIt, Sweat360, Build360, Peak @ Home (no-equipment)
    • OPEN-GYM ONLY: during specific time slots 


  • NUTRITION COACHING: receive guidance and accountability from our certified Nutrition Coaches on what quality foods, how much, and when.


  • PEAK @ HOME WORKOUTS: train at home option without any equipment available


We look forward to guiding you through another week full of challenges and opportunities to help us grow stronger in health and community. 


Seize the day!


Guido Trinidad

Peak 360 Fitness

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong. Stay UNITED


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