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Daily Cup of Peak 4.7.20

Good Day Peak Family,


I hope that none of us are not being “socially” distant, as it is NOT good for your health. 

Rather instead we are being responsible and “physically” distant, to avoid the spread of COVID-19; however still engaging in “social” behaviors and activities.


Words matter. Let’s break this one down.

So-cial: (adjective) needing companionship and therefore best suited to living in communities.


I say we level up our “social” life and become more intentional about connecting with others and cultivating a sense of community. This is important when life has its normal routine; however during times of adversity it is crucial for our mental health and well-being.


Give love, get love, get creative, go have some “social” fun and share with us so with the world.




“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.


Life has tons of pretty important questions. Like; “what’s the meaning of life, why do bad things happen to good people, how do I achieve my goals, etc” 


But the most urgent ones are the ones that look outside of ourselves and focus on others. Helping, assisting, teaching, supporting, developing, encouraging, and/or loving others. 


We are all going through the same thing but having very different experiences. Regardless of where on the spectrum of suffering you are; someone out there has it worse. So let’s look within ourselves to see how we can help on the outside. 


Ask, what are you doing for others, this is the question that only you can answer and are in complete control of. 

Lets rise up and be of service to one another!


Let’s EAT


Just starting to write about this topic makes me hungry, which makes me think of my wife, which makes me think of her meal prepping for our entire family. Sometimes a day in advance, and sometimes almost a week in advance.


It is an art and there are tons of ways to approach it. A fe wthings are for certain. Meal prepping will help you stay on track with what you should eat verus what you want to eat. Help you stay accountable to the quantity of your food. Lastly will save you time and money. 


Check out these meal prep recipes that look mighty tasty will make your gut, body, and mind; BULLETPROOF


Let’s MOVE


PEAK Workout of the day


Try something short and sweet like this…


10 rounds for time: 

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Mountain climbers

10 Sit-ups



Peakers are givers.


The CrossFit Support Your Local Box fundraiser is live. 

Look out today for details on how we are going to provide opportunities to give back to those who need it most.


This campaign was only created because we know the heart of this FAMILY is to Give support and love. 


I cannot wait to share this awesome news with you guys! 




“Happy Birthday Katie, the dog world is better because of you!”

“Happy Birthday Chunky, honored to be your chonga!”

“Happy Birthday Colo”





  • April ALL-IN” kicks off today – so get started on your 100 suit-ups now!!! Post about it on SM : )
  • Support your Local Box – details with WHO will benefit from this tomorrow
  • United in Movement – show some love and register for this 7 days of 7 workouts to UNITE
  • Nutrition Masterclass Wednesday @ 11:30AM – “How to use & Optimize My Fitness pal App”
  • Daily Virtual Classes are ON-DEMAND – link on wodify incase you missed a class
  • Reach out and let us know how we can Serve You better..reply to this email or @


The greatest community on earth!


Big Air Hug!


Guido Trinidad

Peak 360 Fitness

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong. Stay UNITED


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