Cup of Peak

Daily Cup of Peak 4.20.20

Happy Monday Family,


A new week, a new day, a new opportunity is upon us!


Everyday is different and unique. Last week I struggled mentally, and emotionally. I personally hit an emotional low on Thursday; and wasn’t even sure why. I felt pressure, overwhelmed, frustrated, and brought me to tears. Being strong for others takes a toll. 


After some exercise, a bike ride with my family, and some reflection, it all started to come together. How are you doing? It’s okay if you aren’t doing well 100% of the time. Admitting and expressing this is the first step towards improvement. Reflecting on why, and exploring new habits to help us thrive once again would be the next step. 

We are here to help you with that. Let’s drink this “cup of peak” up; it should be a mood booster no matter what state you are in.


LET’S GO TEAM, we got this!




“In this way you must understand how laughable it is to say “tell me what to do!” What advice could I possibly give? No, a far better request is,’Train my mind to adapt to any circumstance,’….In this way, if circumstances take you off script…you won’t be desperate for a new prompting. 

  • Epictetus


Being prepared or having the perfect answer for every circumstance is impossible; and actually quite okay. More important is having the ability to adapt and change with the circumstances. 

Let’s continue to become cultivators of skills that breed creativity, self-confidence, ingenuity, and problem solve. It’s a lifelong pursuit called GROWTH. 


Let’s EAT


“Animal Style!” 

As in In&out burger – but of course its healthy…its a WHOLE30 recipe.


Check out this animal style BURGER recipe 


Let’s MOVE


Today’s WOD – will get your butt in gear for Murph!




Struggling to squeeze it in…we understand. Do this instead!


10 min EMOM

5 Rounds of

Even Minute – Max reps Sit-ups

Odd Minute – Max Reps Burpees




Peakers are resilient


How so? Well the number of people showing up on ZOOM classes is slowly growing. That means you are not quitting, because you arent quitters and because we wont let you!


Peak’s and valleys – life is full of them, lets keep embracing the highs and lows, lock arms, and push through together!


PEAKer’s are SAYING…. 


“4 mile walk, first time wearing a 20# vest…a bit harder that I expected it to be : )”

  • Amy Morrow (9AM’er)




  • $9,225 has already been raised – Support your Local Peak Member; we are so close to hitting the 1-K mark, lets finish strong!!!
  • 100 burpees  – ha, you hear that right. Dont ask why, ask why not.  April ALL-IN
  • Peaker facing FINANCIAL HARDSHIP please allow us to serve you. Fill this form out
  • Specialty Classes started on Monday every day next week at 11AM
    • Monday & Wednesday: Core & Conditioning 
    • Tuesday & Thursday: Build360 
    • Fridays: Mobility Fridays
  • Peak Masterclasses
    • Nutrition Mastermind on Wednesday @ 11:30AM – w/ Coach V 
    • Meditating 101 “Growth Mastermind  on Friday @ 12:30 – w/ Coach G
  • Daily Virtual Classes are ON-DEMAND – link on wodify incase you missed a class
  • Reach out and let us know how we can Serve You better..reply to this email or @

I am fired up for you, for me, for US!


We Love YOU!


Guido Trinidad

Peak 360 Fitness

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong. Stay UNITED

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