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Daily Cup of Peak 4.15.20

Great day Peak!


It’s been a month of this Quarantine, social distancing, shelter in place, or any other term we can come up with to describe our current situation. One word that is true in this time is RESILIENCE – nothing is holding us back from making gains in our fitness journey.


If these things can’t hold us back; then what possibly can? I personally struggle with a few things these days that sometimes take me away from the training that helps me stay sane. Embodying resilience is something I strive for, but it doesn’t mean I do not struggle. 


So, how about you;; what are you struggling with?


We genuinely would love to know. 

Mainly because we care and we believe it’s healthy for us to express our frustrations, and actively listen to one another.


This week’s Growth Masterclass is less of a class and more of an Expression Session. 

“Peak Expression” – a safe space for us to openly express ourselves; free of judgement, active listening, and authentically loving and supporting one another. Join us on Friday @ 4PM




“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

  • Tom Stoppard


A friend just texted me “I’m trying to stay present and just do the work in front of me and not obsess over the worst case scenario.” 


Thinking positively during stressful times is a skill. This skill doesnt only help immediately but also for longevity of health and overall stress reduction. Sometimes it’s simply the avoidance or letting go of negative thoughts.


I use the HEADSPACE app everyday to help me train how to stay healthy upstairs and be a carrier of the infectious joy and positivity we all desire. 


Let’s EAT


& drink more please ; )


This week’s challenge is 100 Ounces of water per day. You won’t grow humps like a camel we promise; but you may feel more energetic and develop a stronger immune system! 




Let’s MOVE


Today’s WOD – is a all about the TEAM – try it




Only have 10 minute stoday…try this.


5 Rounds of

50 Jumping Jacks

25 Push-ups

50 Mountain Climbers

25 Squat Jumps




Peakers Compete


Competing is simply a way of life for most of us. Whether it’s Coach Katie entering a donut eating contest, James for who has the biggest biceps, Joe with the Transformation challenge, or me for the worst dad jokes.


During Quarantine we need to keep these competitive juices flowing. Noah and friends will be leading the TTT (Training Think Tank) Quarantine Challenge, it starts Friday…try it out, I mean you don’t have any other plans do you ; ) Too soon too soon. 


PEAKer’s are SAYING…. 

“Build class is starting at a great time for me. Thanks for everything you guys are doing for all of us.”


  • Anonymous happy member ; ) 





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  • Specialty Classes started on Monday every day next week at 11AM
    • Monday & Wednesday: Core & Conditioning 
    • Tuesday & Thursday: Build360 
    • Fridays: Mobility Fridays
  • This week’s April ALL-IN” 100 OUNCES OF WATER – lets hydrate friends!
  • Peak Masterclasses
    • Nutrition – “Optimizing your Instapot & Air Fryer” with Coach V is ON-DEMAND
    • Growth “Peak Expression” on Friday @ 4:00PM
  • Daily Virtual Classes are ON-DEMAND – link on wodify incase you missed a class
  • Reach out and let us know how we can Serve You better..reply to this email or @

With a heart overflowing with love.


Let’s go TEAM!


Guido Trinidad

Peak 360 Fitness

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong. Stay UNITED


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