WOD – WZA 2019!

We know how much you guys love WZA. Whether you are competing or spectating the vibes are something no one wants to miss! The official dates have just been announced (Jan 17-20th) so make sure you keep that weekend free for some fun and fitness! A) SKILL PRACTICE Teach Ring Muscle-up technique B) WOD 20 min: every alternating 2 minutes perform: A) 3 Ring Muscle-ups, 9 Toes to Bar, 18 Wallballs B) 18 Plyo Step-ups, 9 Strict HSPU, 30 meter Bear Crawl **A on minute 0, B on Min 2, A on 4, B on 6…etc. **5 Rounds of Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 04.19.2018

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WOD – XPT Experience

**Repost from @guidotrinidad!** Much of Life is about Experiences & Relationships. You don’t want to miss this XPT Life Experience and get to do Life with some absolute legends! Join my buddies at XPT for the ultimate transformative fitness lifestyle experience. They are taking over the amazing @1hotels on South Beach, Miami this May 2-4. Be ready take enhance your mindset and approach to fitness and join us for 3 days! A) PRACTICE Teach KB Snatch technique B) STRENGTH WOD Tempo Back Squats – 3 x 3 (33X2) increasing in weight + Back Squat (no temp) 3 x 5 Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 04.17.2018

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WOD – Brute Strength Weekend

Brute Strength hosted a seminar this past weekend at Peak. We hope those of you that were able to attend enjoyed it and learned a lot! We are grateful to be able to host such awesome events to help everyone improve as athletes! A) PRACTICE Teach Burpee Pace & technique B) STRENGTH WOD Seated KB Single Arm Press 3 x 8/8 + 3 x 8/8 Bulgarian Squats (light) **Rest 30 seconds between arms and legs and superset movements **Rest 60 -90 sec between them **12 Min cap C) WOD 8 Rounds: 30 seconds ON: 10 Push-ups 10 Lunge Jumps Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 04.17.2018

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WOD – Congrats Peak Competitors!

Team Peak representing up at the Freakin’ CrossFit Throwdown this weekend! So proud of you guys The Peak family never ceases to amaze us. Not to mention, thanks for everyone that went out and supported as well. This community is more than we could ever ask for! A) WOD Double “Heavy Jackie” “Double Heavy Jackie” 2 rounds for time of: 1,000-meter row 50 thrusters (65, 45) 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups **20 Min cap

by Peak360° CrossFit / 04.15.2018

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WOD – Tropical Park @ the Hill TODAY

REMINDER…Peak is closed for the weekend and our Saturday WODs will be at Tropical Park at the hill. Come join us! A) WOD Teams of 3: 20 min AMRAP of: 10 Squat Jumps 5 Burpees 1 Hill Sprint **2 other partners are moving the Battling Rope while 10-5-1 gets completed** 1 Working at a time 1 rest they can switch as they please B) Core Workout Teams of 2: 2 Rounds of: 50 V-sits 50 meter Wheelbarrow carry

by Peak360° CrossFit / 04.13.2018

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