WOD – In Paradise

Train in paradise with our Peak 360 coaches THIS weekend! Spots are limited so sing up and join us today. Improve your mechanics in all athletic movements, as well as learn how to have a better mind set and confidence. A) SKILL REVIEW Strict & Kipping Muscle-ups B) SKILL WOD 5 min AMRAP – max Ring Muscle-ups C) WOD 3 mile Bike 200 Double-Unders 10 Rounds of Cindy **20 min Cap D) MIDLINE Accumulate 3 Minutes Weighted Plank

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.14.2017

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WOD – Youth Fitness

This is the final day for our youth fitness camp! However, we have some exciting news to help keep your kids fit and healthy all year round! Stay tuned for more information about our after school camp soon! A) STRENGTH WOD 5 x 5 – Back Squats ***same weight across, minimize weight increases B) WOD 8 min AMRAP of: 20 Air Squats 15 KB Swings (55, 35) 10 HSPU – **rest 2 min and perform** 5 min AMRAP: 5 Rope Climbs and Max Calories Bike with Remaining time *** 2 scores: AMRAP & Calories Bike *** Rx+ is Strict Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.11.2017

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WOD – Words From Coach G

~REPOST Coach G~ “My life is all about EXPERIENCES & RELATIONSHIPS. This past weekend proved be the epitome of a life experience RICH in both. So thankful for all of the messages, prayers, thoughts, and love sent in my direction. I am truly flattered and humbled by it all. I hope I can be of support to you all in your endeavors. Those that were physically present screaming my name; I love you! Those that screamed across a livestream…I felt your push and thank you for it!” A) SKILL/STRENGTH WOD EMOTM: 15 min: Min 1: 3-5 Ring Muscle/ups Min Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.10.2017

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WOD – Peak Power

Both Guido and Noah made us all so proud at the CrossFit Games! They showed poise, tenacity and determination all weekend long. It is unbelievable that both our Peak boys made it to Madison together and both had amazing finishes. No number can define what this weekend was. We cannot wait to have you guys home to celebrate all of your amazing accomplishments over the past year and especially this past weekend. A) STRENGTH WOD 3 x 8/8 Single Arm DB Strict Press **moderate to heavy **rest 90-120 B) WOD 3 Rounds for tine: 500 m RUN 50 Wallballs Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.09.2017

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WOD – Thank You Supporters!

Thank you to everyone near and far who have offered their unwavering support to Coach Guido and Noah along their journey to the Games. You are all a huge part of the journey and make it all worth it. Your support is an incredible force, so we thank you all – wherever you may be be! Your cheers are always heard and your kind messages always received and taken to heart. A) STRENGTH WOD 6 x 3 power clean-work up to a 3RM PC *minimum 2 min rest between sets B) WOD 21-15-9 Deadlift (255,170) Bar facing Burpees **7 Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.08.2017

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