WOD – Youth Fitness Continues!

Hope you all have had an amazing summer, and are ready for the new school year. As you all know we hosted a Summer Youth Athletic program, and this year was by far our best! We saw tremendous improvements in all of our little athletes. We were so happy with the results of this Summer’s program, that we decided to continue the program ALL YEAR long! We are excited to announce that Peak360 will be adding 2 new Youth Fitness Programs to our schedule, with 1 goal in mind to Maximize Youth Athletic Potential. Program 1: Young & FIT Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.21.2017

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WOD – Punta Cana Camp

~Repost from Coach Panos~ “Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities but they all have 1 thing in common. They have the ability to get better and grow. If you have a desire or simply want to learn about fitness as it relates to CrossFit or life regardless of any of those factors then I’m your guy.” Punta Cana Camp was an awesome experience for everyone involved – thank yu to those who came out and joined us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! A) SKILL WORK Focus on thoroughly teaching T2B, Rowing, Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.21.2017

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WOD – L1 Certification

Peak 360 will be hosting a CrossFit L1 Certification course on October 7th and 8th! Sign up at training.crossfit.com. Become certified to train, as well as learn so much more about the sport we love! A) STRENGTH WOD 12 min EMOTM: Even: 5 Deadlifts (at a moderate heave weight) Odd: 6-8 Strict Pull-ups (Must be unbroken) B) WOD Complete for time: 50 Pull-ups 50 Hang Power Snatches (75, 55) 50 Box Jumps (24, 20) **15 min cap

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.18.2017

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WOD – Punta Cana

The Peak Squad has landed in Punta Cana to share their knowledge this upcoming weekend. We are lucky to have the best staff around who are ready to teach their ways. Check out there awesome time there as they document it. We can’t wait to have you all back already…but we hope you enjoy yourselves! A) WOD 17 min AMRAP: 10/10 DB Lunge Jumps (35’s, 20’s) 15 KB Swings (70, 55) 20 Wallballs 250 meter Run **rest 3 minutes and at minute 20 begin the following work below** 10 MIN AMRAP: In a team of 3: Perform max rounds Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.17.2017

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WOD – Back to School

We hope everyone’s summer has been amazing! Soon it is back to school time and another summer will have come and gone – but don’t worry the warm Miami weather isn’t going anywhere. We wish everyone a happy, healthy school year full of learning! A) WOD 3 Rounds for time: 1 Rope Climb “Double-up” 15 Deadlifts (225, 155) 18 Toes to bar 21 Cal Row **a “double-up” is a two-round trip from a seated position with only “touch and go” between ascents. The feet can be used to climb, however they cannot make contact with the ground until the Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.15.2017

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