WOD – The Gluttons Punishment

Hope Thanksgiving and Black Friday was an awesome two days for everyone filled with good food, laughter, family and friends! Thanks for everyone who came to Tropical Park yesterday! And if if missed out, now it is time to work it all off and get back on track! “The Gluttons Punishment” Teams of 2 For time…. ???

by Peak360° CrossFit / 11.23.2018

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Peak 360 CrossFit – CrossFit Happy Friday Peakers! Don’t forget we have some awesome upcoming events and to be checking our calendar in the front to keep up to date with it all! We wish you a very happy weekend! Snatch Complex Snatch Complex: 8 Rounds Every 90 seconds: 12 min 1 Power Snatch 1 Hang Squat Snatch 1 OH Squat *focus quality reps. *increasing weight or staying across is acceptable…as heavy or light as your body tells you to go *improvement is the key – only happens with proper mechanics are maintained Metcon (Time) WOD Dirty 30 Complete Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.10.2018

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WOD – Saturday Sweat

Peak 360 CrossFit – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard

by Peak360° CrossFit / 07.27.2018

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WOD – Kid’s Summer Camp

Peak 360 CrossFit – CrossFit Our Kid’s Summer Camp is back for our regular schedule this week! Sign up your kids today and help them have a happy and healthy summer building strength, speed and character! Metcon (No Measure) **Teach Squat Cleans: 2 Teaching points – Speed under Bar – Vertical bar path Squat Cleans 12 MIN EMOM Even Min: 2 Squat Cleans Odd Min: 2 Rope Climbs *Squat Cleans: as heavy as possible and same weight across all 6 Rounds – approx 80-85% *Rope Climbs: athletes’ choice, both with legs, 1 legless & 1 w legs, or both Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 07.09.2018

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WOD – Summer Eat Clean Challenge!

Peak 360 CrossFit – CrossFit Our Summer Eat Clean Challenge is Starting next MONDAY!! 6 HABITS to change/improve in 60 days… 1. Eat Quality Foods 2. Consume Specific Quantity of MacroNutrients 3. Elimination of specific foods 4. Tracking Nutrition consistently 5. Planning of Meals 6. Develop Dietary Self-Awareness Sign up at the front desk and get on the path to creating habits that will lead you to be your best self! Metcon (No Measure) BREATHING WORK: CADENCE NASAL BREATHING inhale-hold-exhale-hold 10 x 5-5-10-5 sec Metcon (Weight) Intention: ~Choose to crush it or just press rest with the movement and Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 06.21.2018

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