WOD – The HealthNut on Wheels

The Healthnut on Wheels is not your regular food service provider nor your ordinary food truck. Besides being a Peak member (which already qualifies him as awesome) Miguel Kristaly the owner of “HOW” is extremely passionate about serving high quality tasty food and making it available on a daily basis.  The changes in your health, performance, and body all happen when you change what you put IN your body.  If you’ve ever attended one of Peaks Nutritional seminars given by our very own Vanessa Hentz, you know a key element to our nutrition is the QUALITY of the food. Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 04.29.2014

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WOD – Hump Day & Whole 30 Challenge

Nothing better than the feeling of getting over that mid-week hump! If you aren’t already a celebrator of “Hump Day,” you should be now! Why not- you are mid-way through the work week, and that much closer to the weekend! On another note, we are getting ready to start another nutritional challenge here at Peak360! It is called the Whole 30 Challenge, and we’ll be having seminars all throughout the month to give you the details. Want to learn to how to eat the RIGHT way?  The Whole 9 is the organization that has put this challenge together.  The Continue reading...

by Peak360° CrossFit / 08.07.2013

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Food For Life-Quality Nutrition for Quality Performance

Food For Life Nutrition Seminars: Whether you are new to CrossFit or have been CrossFitting for years, our FREE Nutrition Seminars are for EVERYONE to better understand how to best fuel their bodies in order to perform their best in the gym. Seminars run at least once a month. Check right here to keep up to date on the next seminar.   Nutrition is the foundation for our health—mental and physical—and is required for optimum athletic performance. We like to use the term fuel in place of nutrition. We hold the view that proper fuel maximizes human performance rather than aiding Continue reading...

by Lauryn Lax / 06.08.2012

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