Justin Hopman

Justin is not only an amazing athlete, but he is a true inspiration to all of our staff and members. Just take a look at his testimonial on our “Peak Transformers” wall, inside the box, to find out.

How has Peak changed your life?

It has totally changed my Health. I had a pacemaker implanted in my chest and was on High Blood pressure medications, high cholesterol medications, and Thyroid Medications. I no longer need any of those medications and my dependence on my Pacemaker has dropped from 95% to 52%. I was 285 pounds and have lost about 100 pounds of body fat (You can see my full story on the Testimonial page).

What are your favorite movements in CrossFit?

I like pretty much all the Olympic lifts. I love lifting anything heavy.

What are some of your goals?

A goal I’ve had since I started was to clean and jerk what I weighed when I first started, which is 285 lbs. I also want to someday make it to the Games.

Words of advice for new members at Peak?

Make it a way of life. Don’t worry so much about achieving your goals. If you commit to making it a lifestyle and stay with it first, then the goals just happen to come one after another. Never give up!

Certifications & Positions

  • – Performance Coach
  • – CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • – CrossFit Level 2 Certified


by Peak360° CrossFit / 07.12.2015

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