Alison Scudds

When did you start CrossFit?

Started CrossFit 2013.

How has Peak changed your life?

Peak has changed my life by giving me a home away from home! It has helped me create connections, friends, and networks in a new city which take some people decades!

What are your favorite movements in CrossFit?

My favorite movements are the gymnastic/Body weight movements.


My main goal is to win the CrossFit games and also inspire others (especially women) to embrace their strength and try something they may not be good at. More generally, the desire to reach my personal pinnacle of fitness, health and happiness.

Favorite healthy food option and cheat meal?

I don’t like healthy food.  PIZZA & DONUTS

If you were to be a superhero who would be?

Spider-man, he’s just your average neighborhood guy who does amazing things and helps many people yet is completely down to earth and humble.

Who inspires you?

Many people inspire me, so I’ll just name a few 😉 Coach Noah inspires me as an athlete to always work hard and keep having fun! Coach Guido inspires me as a coach and a person in general to be patient, persistent and passionate in everything you pursue. My mom inspires me to always reach for my biggest dreams and don’t stop working until I have accomplished them.

Words of advice for new members at Peak?

Even if it’s not a perfect training day, I always tell myself that I am still improving something and getting one step close to my goals.
Always work on the things you are not good at, come on those days when you look at the wod and think “eh, I could just skip today” those are the times you will make the most improvement. Also, mind set is everything so always, always, ALWAYS, HAVE FUN!


by Peak360° CrossFit / 07.15.2015

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